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Aditi Chaturvedi

Product Leader and Career coach with more than 13 yrs of experience. Transitioned from Software Development to UX Design to Product Management. Using my insights from hiring across roles, to help people land their Dream Job.

With 13 years in the corporate sector and a decade as a hiring manager, I've seen the hiring process from both sides. My career journey, from software development to Product Leadership, has given me a deep understanding of the job market. After navigating personal career transitions, including a significant maternity break, I've grown passionate about helping others in their professional journeys.I've shared my insights in my book "Switching Careers" and now, I'm excited to introduce a new tool designed to help job seekers make meaningful connections with hiring managers. This tool is a culmination of my experiences and insights, aimed at empowering skilled professionals to showcase their talents effectively and confidently.Let's revolutionize professional networking together!

Switching Careers: Write a winning Resume that Stands Out | Proven Tips, Samples and Templates from the Pros

Download this EBook for common mistakes, tips to improve, and free resume templates especially designed for the ones trying to make a mark in a new domain.


Roast My Resume - Get Feedback on Your Resume

  • In-depth video feedback on your current resume, highlighting critical problems

  • Insights from both recruiter's and hiring manager's perspectives

  • Actionable tips to enhance your resume and make it stand out

  • A carefully selected template that better suits your unique profile and objectives


Job Search Consultation

Navigating the job landscape can be a maze.Ever pondered where your unique skill set fits best? You're not alone.Drawing from our principles of pinpointing what you truly excel at and where you add value, our consultation is tailored to unveil those answers. Rather than casting a wide net, we focus on aligning your specific strengths with potential roles. It's more than just a resume; it's about understanding your value.Together, we'll craft a strategy to make your job application not just seen, but remembered.

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